My humor site is up, but right now there's really just the blog and the home page. I am opening a new store on Zazzle soon, to sell products that tie in with the Absurdaholic site content. I have been meaning to do this for a long time!

Just knocked together the basics of this site today. Not much here yet, but I have been busy between marketing my (unfinished) novel, designing an indie horror game, mulling over an old screenplay outline, and nosing around for freelance.

Creativity comes easy to me, getting people to see my creativity is worth their money is sometimes a pain in the ass. That is a bad reflection on them.

I plan on having a resume/CV page with education and work history and probably a gallery with artwork and writing samples in the near future.

Glad you stopped by. This place is still too clean and sterile. Why don't you leave a few footprints or something?