I just added lots of cool ways to purchase some of my cartoon gargoyle designs on Zazzle! There are stickers, mugs, shirts, and even baby clothes! They would all be great treats for Halloween!



Duct tape, bungie, and old shelving have helped me transform an old forgotten treadmill into a state-of-the-art(ish) treadmill desk!

I am still making minor adjustments, but it works great at low speeds (.5 MPH or so) . The trick was having a monitor large enough to save my eyeballs from strain. I tried this before with a laptop and it was too darn small for me to focus on while I walked.

I just need to flatten out the desktop area, as it is on an angle and it is bad for my wrists.

The basement storage area is creepy and chilly, but is a great new office because it motivates me to keep moving, get crap done, and get the hell out of there! ;)

Wow! I can't believe it's been about 7 months since I posted an update!

Well, I have been busy multitasking like a maniac. Two books will hopefully be completed and published by early next year: Shadow Rabbit (my dark fantasy for grown ups), and No! No! It's For the Birds!, a children's book I co-authored and illustrated.

I will post details when both projects are more solidified.

Other ideas that were in development (such as the game projects) had to be shelved temporarily, as there were freelance dollars that needed to be made. I have been a haunted ghost writer of late.

The above photo is of me, deep under the surface of the Earth, spelunking with my son, under Rosendale, NY.  This is proof that I still get outside, but not proof that I know what sunlight looks like anymore.

By the way, that expression on my face is my "The creature is behind me, isn't it?" look.

TTFN! And no, that is not a chant from a Cthulhu Mythos story! Though I am sure we heard the echoes of one deep beneath the dripping stones...