10/28/2017 11:10pm

v nyc

10/29/2017 10:27pm

I understood the actual reason behind the disturbance of the audio and its equipment. We can easily improve the defects found in the audio by following the instructions mentioned above by a musician. This article is quite meaningful for the musician coming new to this field and do now know the basics of it.

11/12/2017 4:45am

You should improve your future videos quality. This one is pretty bad. No offense.

11/26/2017 11:26am

The video that you have posted above is a huge help for me! I am not really into these kinds of technical stuffs, but sometimes I can say that I get interested with the magic behind the works of having good audio. I am a music lover myself so I totally understand how important it is to have a good audio for better listening. Anyway, I haven't heard that there is actually a profession that is related with making audios better. I have a friend who loves editing videos and I believe the tips that you have mentioned above will really help him a lot in making his videos better than before. I will let you know my thoughts after trying and applying all the tips that you have given above.


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